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A Premier Health Clinic located in Calgary

Rhythm Health started in 2011 with the buying of the building at 601 67 Ave SW Calgary. The convenient store , Loaf and Jug that served the community for more than 30 years was transformed into a modern upper scale medical facility that cares for the local population with a special interest in family medicine , preventive medicine and also hosting Zulu MediSpa that has an interest in cosmetic medicine.

Dr. Botha and Dr Lombard are co owners and both are working at the facility.

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.


Our Mission.To Manage your health.

What we Do.Make our Cients Healthy.

Our Doctors

Dr Botha

Dr. Botha

Family Doctor
Dr. Lombard

Dr. Lombard

Family Doctor

Welcome to Rhythm Health. Focused on Family health


Preventative care is the cornerstone to a healthier life.

Dr. Botha

We will never see what we are not looking for.

Dr. Botha

Communication and mutual respect resolve most problems.

Dr. Lombard

Practicing the Science of Medicine is an Art with a special relationship between the patient and the doctor.

Dr. Lombard


Our services

RhythmHealth truly understands the value of human interaction and communication. With a complete staff of professionals and trained care givers, we are here to provide support for you and your family.

General Health Care

At Rhythm Health we provide Alberta Health care services for the past 20 years that is a family practice. We are not a walk in clinic and do not provide walk in services.

Preventitive Medicine

Our goal at the clinic is to assess and diagnosed disease and to follow steps that will improve the quality of our patients health so that we can improve the long term outcome. A balance between exercise, meal planning and medical prevention interventions play an important role.


Dr Lombard has Zulu Medi Spa that caters for all your cosmetic needs from Botox, Fillers and laser treatments.
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Dr Botha has been doing newborn circumcisions for the past 30 years and he is using the PlastiBell method. For more information go to the website : www.circumcisions.care
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Family Planning

The family is a unit and if we can help to keep the members of the family mentally and physically healthy we promote their happiness and wellbeing.

Expert Consultation

In the near future we will contract specialists to provide a second opinion on medical information that patients will present to us. More information will be available in the 2017.

Dynamic Health Studio.
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Elite Program

The program is there to guide the health conscious individual to improve the overall quality of his or hers life. We have very important Health Banks where deposits can be made that will benefit us later in life. Health banks like our Brain Health Bank, Bone Health Bank , Cardiovascular Health Bank, Muscle Health Bank and our Intestinal Health Bank are building blocks for our success later in life.

Inflammation and Oxidation are the two main reasons for us to deteriorate and getting older. Some of us faster than other and what we all try to avoid is where we are depended on others for our daily living. In our program we will do a complete assessment that includes history collection, blood work analysis , body composition, assessment of our health banks that includes Neurocognitive assessment, Vascular endothelial assessment, strength and balance assessment. Bone assessment with a Nutritional and hormonal assessment is part of the program.

A complete medical examination will be done. After all the information has been gathered a comprehensive program will be worked out that will be tailored to your specific needs. You will become part of the family where you received e mails with topics related to new information and your blood work will be repeated on intervals according to the physician that is seeing you. You will have a personal physician and team that will help you build your health Banks.The cost includes the initial assessment with a monthly fee that will be charged in 3 month increments.

Weight management program

Obesity is arguably the single worst result of poor nutrition In this program we will reframe how you view food and it components and how they affect the build up of body fat. We will explain appetite and also discuss diet plans why some works and some don't. Our goal is to put you on the journey of understanding Nutrition and start enjoying food in a manner where you can build your confidence and knowledge for a long term goal for success.

We will do a complete assessment on history, medical examination with special investigations. We will do a Body composition with monthly follow ups. Two liabilities against us is inflammation and aging and both will contribute to chronic disease and a shorter life span and lower quality of life. Disregard any bad choices made in the past and focus on building your health banks for the future. A molecule that accounts for a calorie is both an energy source and a messenger. It is important to know that a calorie is not just a calorie ! Processed foods are best characterized as excessively palatable, energy dense, but nutrient poor.

The cost include the initial assessment and a minimum of a 3 month follow up. Most of our patients find that their lives are changing as soon as they make the choice to change and start building those health banks !

Advanced Aesthetics Treatment Options

We do advanced Aesthetics treatment options for skin rejuvenation with micro needling and Plasma enriched stem cell treatment for different skin conditions. Please contact us for more information on this cutting edge technology.

It is important to remember that all patients, regardless of Health Club membership, will receive health care according to the rules and regulations outlined by Alberta Health Services. Membership is private and confidential.

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